Selected Projects

July 25, 2010 (updated: January 10, 2017)

On this page a few of my projects are presented. Some more things might be on my GitHub page.

Group trip organisation system

Group trip organisation system A system developed for the computer science departments student body of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to manage our annual trip for freshers and other students. Participants can sign up for a trip or be put on a waitlist. The person in charge has an admin panel with a ton of tools to organise the registrations, finances and more to keep track of everything.

It was developed with a fellow student of mine in 2014 and tested the same year. The system is mainly based on plain PHP. The client-side pages partly make heavy use of javascript. [backend with jQuery.DataTables, toastr and AngularJS; frontend with D3 and some jQuery]

The latest version features a RPG like game to replace a simple signup form based on an engine written from scratch using SVGs to display the maps (dev version here).

Source code is on GitHub

System for a study #1

In 2011 I developed a system for a study at the Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH). In this study obese children got a smartphone for a few weeks and should record their activities using the app “Runtastic”. The software developed pulled the recorded data from all participants to analyse them locally. Furthermore the participants rated their behavior once a week using a mobile website. The software was designed to process all the data and send emails on a regular basis to motivate the participants based on their progress and invite them to the weekly questionnaires.

The system was mainly implemented in PHP.

System for a study #2 (dDIPEx project)

Starting in late 2013 I started designing and developing a software for a study where cancer patients use a yet unreleased part of the website (German equivalent to HealthTalk Online) for a few weeks and fill out questionnaires before and after using the site as well as a few weeks later. Since about one thousand participants are needed, everything from registration to the end needs to be automated. One of the challenges was to fulfill the strict privacy policies and still make it very easy for the participants to use. Also the access to the website needs to be restricted so that it is only accessible for a given time frame.

There are also three other qualitative sub-studies done using the website-access-system to evaluate other, so called, yet unreleased modules of The study is carried out at the Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH) funded by DIPEX. The BSPH is an institution of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. It was the first online study ever carried out at the Charité.

For the questionnaires I customised SoSciSurvey. The rest is implemented in PHP on two different servers. For monitoring the progress and intermediate results of the study there is a backend that calculates statistics along the way.

The study started in July 2014 and is still running: [due to go offline in 2016]

Early work

I got into programming early on by designing websites. Nowadays I’m know how to make use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular,..) and PHP. Designing beautiful websites from from scratch however isn’t my greatest strength anymore.

Mainly I designed templates for an online gaming clan and started customising the platform now known as CSphere. Later I developed a website for a company that crafts frames with the nice option for customers to upload their photos and see it virtually framed.