It feels like we are underway much longer, but it’s only stage 4 (of 14) at this moment; don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing! Yesterday I wrote it’s going to be our last day in the mountains, but actually it is today - for real this time. There were still some ups and downs (altitude-wise), but certainly not as challenging as the previous days, yet still up to 2000m at times but without snow (mostly).

Around noon we finally reached the sea for the first time near Guelmim. The roadbook proposed some routes along the beach Plage Blanche, unfortunately the offroad section along towards the cliff was the only thing we could manage with our 2WD cars, the way down was too risky without the proper car. Also the flood just came in and we spent an hour watching racing teams barely escaping the water, the last ones were caught and boxed in rather quickly and had to take a leap of faith and drive though the water to get to the small exit road up the cliff.

After that short (but long) detour we drove back to Guelmim and straight down the N1 into the night to Laayoune, where we arrived around 10:30pm. The last 300km were already pancake flat - meaning no hills, but certainly not flat roads without potholes.