After the long day (the race organisers promised it was the longest, excluding the marathon in stage one obviously), we agreed on an easy day today continuing on the N1 towards Dakhla. We also had the first chance to attempt to solve almost all tasks on the race sheets, although later in the day we pushed the speed to get to Dakhla to see the sun go down from the camp and therefore skipped the last avg speed challenge.

Around noon we stopped in Boujdour, which is a small town recommended for a visit. Thus again, the place was crawling with race cars even though the LonelyPlanet says about this place, that the “closest thing to a sight is its light house”. And as recommended we found a BBQ in a side road for camel burger. Don’t expect it in a shape of a McDonalds burger, but rather as a plate with grilled camel meat, onions, tomatoes, and fresh bread. With that touristy thing done, it was just a straight drive through increasingly desert-like landscapes.

So at the end of the day, not much to report here really. Oh, maybe that I got stuck right in front of everybody in the sand in the morning at the hotel. Many teams were very ambitious to tow us out the sand again - for fun I guess. I’m happy to report though, that we savely drove to the bivouac, which requires to drive around a kilometer through sand - getting back to the road in the morning should be interesting.