As promised – some areal shots of Swansea I took during the first days I’ve been here. Once again let’s start in the very east. The place of the couchsurfers I stayed with was somewhere in Port Tennant where I started walking straight up. It was a bit of a struggle though to find the path that leads up the hill.

On my lookout for that path I came along that graveyard, which I think looks pretty neat with the hill I was about to crawl up.

Half way up I took the first picture over Swansea. By the end of that entry you will have had enough of that. But bare with it as I’ll try to put everything in proper order and sprinkle in a few bits along the way.

Above a panorama shot from that spot over Port Tennant looking South.

From the very top there’s not much to the other than a large radio tower and a few sheep. Even though it’s a nice track I didn’t take photos. I think I figured that it is so nice that I will come back anyway. On the way back on the west face I took the next panoramic shot.

On the way down the track narrowed down more and more until I ended up making my way through a forest at the bottom and wasted the shorts I was wearing. Fortunately I needed a new pair anyway.

Next off is the Townhill/Maryhill. I’m not sure what the proper name is, but like the name suggests it is right in the middle of the city.

While walking around I noticed a house that looked somehow familiar. That, dear readers, is the place where I was about to move in (or by the time of writing I’m already living in). On the other side of the road a rather nice building as well. Guess which one is mine 😉

Throughout the city there are architectural gems that stick out like this cathedral (-like) building. I took the bus to get up half way on the west side of the hill. Paying the ticket is already with it just to experience how such a heavy and large vehicle makes it way up on steep roads.

From there I started walking up the rest. Here you can see over to the other hill I was up the other day.

After having taken some more areal shots I got curious what the landscape looks like beyond that sight blocking hump.

So I made my way up even further and walked back down at the other side, the north side.

I couldn’t find a good place to take another panorama shot so I decided that this was the last chance to get an overview image even though houses dominate the front of the panorama.

On my way around I came across that rather obscure decoration. With that I almost finished a full circle around the Townhill and found a bus to take me back down towards the Quadrant.

I hope you got an idea of what Swansea looks like with this series of photos. Next in the series is a trip to Neath and the unforgettably beautiful Gower. Thanks for reading!