After arriving in Africa, we didn’t drive very far from Nador to get to the Paris Dakar Motel for a nap to recover from the last few days. Not very far, again on an asphalt road we had the second flat tyre on this trip. Furtunately, it is very easy to find mechanics who sell fitting tyres to put us back on the road. This probably only took about 15 minutes and we took the time for a stroll over the market. Great timing by the way, as this market isn’t every day! No photos here, sorry, people don’t like to be photographed, I’d like to respect that.

Next up we wanted to try out what the different colours on the map stand for in reality and took the cars for a spin through the Atlas mountains. At nearly 2000m above sea level, there’s snow - so throw away your stereotypes of sand and blazing sun in Africa ;)

We checked the official hotel where the morning briefing will be at 6:30am tomorrow, filled up our tanks to the brim, ate, and will now go for a good night sleep after 3h building routes we think about driving the next few stages.