With the Super Marathon under the belt to kick off the Great African Run, we passed the Atlas Mountains mostly today. There was lots of snow on the north face of the mountains above 1800m or so, which made the passing rather adventurous. You have to trust me on this for now without photographic proof, all the money shots are in my GoPro and uploading video is more or less impossible. I guess the others took nice photos, I had to clam onto the steering wheel.

When we arrived at the stage finish around 8pm at the film studios near Ouarzazate, it was already pitch black dark outside. For some reason, nobody was at the coordinates of the bivouac given by the organisers. After ten minutes or so, others came too, wondering what’s going on. At the end of the day, the Atlas Film Studios allowed everyone to come inside their closeby premises for the night, which was awesome.

The temperature dropped below freezing during the night. At these temperatures, the warming sun in the morning was very welcome, also to take lots of photos, maybe you recognise the scenery from a movie.